We're still in early stages of development. We don't like to rely on investment and funding, since we want Hive to exist with relatively low outsider influence. For this reason, our team is quite small, and we are always looking for volunteers to help us out. As we grow, we can provide employment and benefits, so it is worth enquiring. Take a look below to learn more about the software we use.


The programming language we use primarily for Hive is Node.JS. We have chosen node due to its speed and the fact that it is asynchronous by nature. Additionally, it is easier to adopt for full-stack developers who already know javascript.

We use a number of open-source projects, such as the Express server module, to provide reliable functionality to our server applications.


Mobile applications are going to be important in the next stages of development for Hive. We are looking for people aho are experienced in development on iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms. Java and Swift are the main programming languages for development on Android and iOS respectively.


We use a NoSQL graph relationship database to store data for Hive. We have chose a NoSQL database because it often proves quicker to execute queries than a traditional relational database such as MySQL. Additionally, we leverage the graph relationship model, in order to describe and query relationships between entities in the database such as users, posts and pages.


In addition to Express, we use NGINX to quickly serve static data, and to load balance requests between different instances of the server application.


Redis is an in-memory caching Key-Value store, which we use because it is quicker to query than the database. We use redis to store user sessions in-memory for quick access. We also use it as a form of IPC to share messages and data between processes and applications.


We use as a wrapper for WebSockets, allowing full-duplex communication between th server and the client. This works well with Node, due to it's asynchronous nature, meaning we can load pages faster and deliver content more regularly.


Like any other website, we use HTML, CSS and Javascript to build our web pages. These are fundamental skills for any web designer. We also use jQuery to abstract and simplify interactions with the DOM, but jQuery is easy enough to learn.

Sound good?

We're always on the lookout for new talent. Apply below and we'll get in touch with you.