A social network built with humans in mind. Coming ASAP.

We take your security very seriously. We plan on implementing the strongest security measures to protect your data from spies and hackers. More information coming soon.


Freedom is important. Nobody wants to use something that forces them to see a certain thing, or act a certain way. For this reason, we give the user more control than any other social network.


You deserve to know who can see what you post, and how your data is used. We disagree with users of websites being sold as products, as such we are leading the way with fairer advertising.

Somebody browsing Hive on a laptop.

More Information

  • expand_moreWhat is Hive?

    Hive is a social network built for the modern internet, dedicated to providing secure communication, beautiful design, full power, control, and customisability to you, the user. Unlike some other popular social networks, we believe in empowering our users in order to encourage high quality communication and relations online. We think that a future internet will allow for freedom of expression, meaning that neutrality and critical thought will be preserved for generations to come.

  • lock_outlineTell me more about security.

    In addition to the standard protection used by other sites, we plan on using more advanced security, such as end-to-end encryption on files and messages. This means that if your adversaries come knocking, there will be nothing for us to hand over. Our justification for this model is that a face-to-face conversation cannot be intercepted as easily as online.

  • thumb_upHow are you better than the others?

    We believe that we are superior to other social networks in a number of ways. Mainly we do not misuse your information, we provide the highest level of security, we provide customisability unmatched by other social networks, and we have open channels of communication with our users. We are commited to the 'social' aspect of social networking, concentrating more on the user needs rather than the advertisers.

  • question_answerI want to contact you, how can I get in touch?

    We welcome contact from interested parties. Our twitter accounts are listed below, and you can email the team at [email protected] In order to maintain transparency, we aim to answer almost all questions directed at us from the public.

  • settingsWill you implement [this feature]?

    Nothing is set in stone. We are concentrating on making the main features great before we do the more complex stuff. Any feature ideas can be emailed to us at [email protected] .

  • wb_iridescentWill there be advertisements?

    There will be ads, but not the ones that you are used to. All advertisements will be unobtrusive. Our plan is to alow users to profit from the content they produce on our website, and to share in our profits. We can't run a social network off of praise, but there is no reason for our users to not benefit from using our services, in more ways than one. Also, we will never sell, use, or even keep personal information in the context of targetting advertisements.

Somebody using Hive on their mobile phone.
Another person using Hive on their phone.

Meet the Team

Adam Galloway Adam Galloway

Founder and Lead Programmer. Passionate about cryptography, privacy and human rights. Avid tea drinker, debater and talker.

Matthew Powell Matthew Powell

Project and communication manager. Keeps the development team in order and ensures we stick to our goals. Enjoys infrastructure design and modelling.

Patrick Cauty Patrick Cauty

Lead designer. Patrick is an exceptional artist, who can design everything from logos to infographics. He is also a man of very few words, and likes to make video games.

Help Us Help Us

We need volunteers and helpers. Building Hive is a full-time project for us, and we are always on the lookout for more help. If you are interested, get in touch.